End of the year is celebrated all around the world, and in many parts of the globe, people welcome the New Year with fireworks and music. In Paramaribo, capital of Suriname, we take Owru Yari (Old Year) festivities all the way to the next level on the 31st of December!

Even mentioned by CCN in the top 6 of destinations to be on New Years Eve! (LINK)

When it’s time for Owru Yari, downtown Paramaribo turns into a joyful mixture of partying crowds, live music, and hair-raising pyrotechnic displays, as massive garlands of firecrackers ignite along the main streets to an uproar of cheers. The setting off of the firecrackers during the Pagara Estafette’ is one of the highlights of the celebration which usually starts around 10AM. Right after the Pagara Estafette Suriname’s popular music bands start blasting from different stages along the estafette route, and the party continues until it’s time for a “Happy NEW YEAR!!!”