Suriname Tourism Foundation (STF)

The Suriname Tourism Foundation (STF) was founded on the 13th of May 1996 by the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Tourism and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The foundation was the first formal momentum for the cooperation between the government and the tourism industry with the objective of optimizing the tourism potential of Suriname and to contribute effectively to the country’s national economy.

Tourist Activities:
The STF is the designated tourism body for the Surinamese government, acting as a counterpart to national, regional and international organizations. The purpose of the foundation is to develop, promote and brand Suriname as an attractive tourism destination. This goal is realized by developing different activities mainly in the field of Marketing & Promotion, Product Development and Education & Information. This is done in consultation with both public and private stakeholders.

The activities of the STF include:
Creating awareness of the local population and the state of tourism as a source of income for Suriname.
Provision of advice, support and guidance to organizations in the tourism sector.
Organizing lectures, seminars and training courses.
Participation in international trade fairs, conferences and seminars in the interest of the development and promotion of the tourism sector in Suriname.
Entering into partnerships with national, regional and international tourism organizations.
Providing information to tourists and third parties.


Tourism Union of the Replublic of Suriname (Tours)

The Tourism Union of The Republic of Suriname (Tours) has the aim to offer help to the various sector associations in order to strengthen its support base, in addition to advising the government in the area of ​​tourism. The organisation represents among others the Suriname Hotel Association, the Association of Surinamese Tour Operators, the Suriname Food and Beverage Association and the Suriname Handycraft and Craft Association.


Suriname Hospitality and Tourism Association (SHATA)

The Suriname Hospitality and Tourism Association (SHATA) is a leading organization for the overall hospitality and tourism sector. It has been founded by the private sector and creates benefits to all actors in the hospitality and tourism business on national, regional and international levels.

Mission statement:
The mission of SHATA (Suriname Hospitality and Tourism Association) is to promote the value of sustainable tourism in Suriname and jointly generate additional expenses from visitors!