The Surifesta Foundation was established in 1997 by initiative of the private sector aiming to coordinate the events around December 31st and to improve tourism in Suriname by changing Paramaribo into one big, joyful entertainment area.

Experiences from previous years have shown that more and more Surinamese living abroad travel to Suriname in order to celebrate End of the Year and New Year’s Eve. This movement can partly be credited to the yearly “Owru Yari” events and the convivial atmosphere it creates. This atmosphere, starting from mid-december onwards, is typified by being a big cosy, unorganized and spontaneous reunion of friends and family members.

The Surifesta Foundation has been working towards bringing together these different activities, and by now the Surifesta Website, Festivities Calendar and Mobile App are well known in Suriname. The Surifesta Foundation also organizes some of the main activities regarding the end of the year celebrations such as The Surifesta Kick Off Party and the Pagara Estafette.

The annual programme of previous years has included events such as:
– Christmas Carrols DSB, Telesur, Indepence Square
– The round table Fundraising Party, ‘t VAT
– Tori Osao Parbo Kawina Festival at KKF
– Pre-Celebration party ‘t VAT
– Swit Watra Independence Square
– Parbo Pagara Prisiri Paramaribo City Centre, Domineestraat
– Surifesta Owru Yari Streetparty SUP Entertainment Area
– New Years Party ‘t VAT
– Bigi Broki Waka (Big Bridge Walk)