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Surifesta Calendar

The Surifesta Calendar remains one of the main items on our list. We register over 70 events between December 1st and January 14th on a yearly basis, ranging from street parties to culinary and cultural events.

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Give and receive with Surifesta

The Surifesta season and holiday season are closely linked to eachother. Thanks to our sponsors, we offer daily giveaways for participants on Surifesta Radio and we also show our support through donations to different foundations.

Make sure to check out our crowdfunding campaign 'unu pagara' on ApuraNetworks.


Surifesta 2017 wouldn't be possible without support from the following sponsors
Fernandes Bottling

Fernandes Bottling

The producer of their own brand, Fernandes softdrinks. Besides this, they are also the oldest private Coca-Cola bottler of the Caribbean and a loyal sponsor of Surifesta for years.



Merchandising Sponsor

Galaxy might be know for its fashion, but on December 31st, its Inner City location is known for something else. With a tradition of over 20 years old, the secret for locals is already out. Don't forget to get your #OwruYari cap at one of their stores.

Sidewalk Cafe 't Vat

Event Sponsor

As a #OwruYari hotspot in the Paramaribo Entertainment Area. t Vat has supported Surifesta since 1997. Make sure to check out their Owru Yari @ 't Vat Facebook page for exclusive events.

McDonald's Suriname

McDonald's Suriname

Radio Sponsor

A proud sponsor of Surifesta Radio, McDonald's will celebrate their 20th anniversary on the 20th of this month. Also located in the Downtown Paramaribo area, its city location is always part of the festivities.

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The Surifesta Foundation

We are working on 3 different levels to bring #OwruYari to you
Making sure the Surifesta legacy lives on

Making sure the Surifesta legacy lives on

Surifesta Board

Jean-luc van Charante
Werner Duttenhofer Jr.
James Healy 3rd
Ramona Guptar

Honorary Members:
Oswald Braumuller
Ann Hermelijn
Jan van Charante

Kenny B
Quintis Ristie

Translating vision to operations

Translating vision to operations

Surifesta Daily Board

Deborah Arlaud
Saskia Roos
Rogier Simson
Ramona Guptar
Jean-luc van Charante

Special thanks to:
Dave van Aerde, Tirsa Braumuller, Lichang Ling, Ben D'Leon, Gardelito Hew A Kee, Conrad Issa, Robbin Roemer, Conchita Leeflang, Clyde Narain, Den Boy, Earl Thijm, Huan Graanoogst, Pres Juriaantje, Dit is het Nieuws, Ruben Welles, Helio Phoeli, Kishan Ramsukul, Mr. Zonneman

Doing all the real work

Doing all the real work

The Surifesta Team

Surifesta Radio:
Dave van Aerde, Ramona Guptar
& Radio 10 Crew

Surifesta Promo Team:
Saskia Roos, Rachel Kasketi, Wishwanie Debidien, Nathaniel Sporkslede, Shane Fung, Shivani Jhagroe, INEFFABLE Crew & Volunteers.

Live Streaming:
Live in Su

Events in Suriname, Radio 10, INEFFABLE NV, Lustig, Torarica, 't Vat

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The Latest Update about #OwruYari in Suriname

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